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Calling All AcaFans!

Dear Fandom Scholars and Fellow Fanthropologists;
 I am the lead academic correspondent on a website called HardcoreNerdity.com
Hardcore Nerdity is a new social networking site for the geeks, the nerds, the fen, and the aca!fans that span the globe. Based out of Toronto, and utilizing the talents of such SciFi personalities as Johnathan Llyr ("Space Bar"; "Hypaspace"), Lesley Livingston ("Misspelled"), Simon Evans (MuchMusic; "Space Bar"), and Adrienne Kress ("Alex and the Ironic Gentleman"; "Timothy and the Dragon's Gate"), Hardcore Nerdity seeks to create a space for fans on the internet where we can socialize, discuss, and stay informed.
I am in charge of the 'Geek U' segment of the website and it is in this capacity that I am requesting your aid. One particularly interesting feature of the 'Geek U' segment that we are attempting to build is a data base of fanthropologists, fanthropology texts, and fanthropological programmes at universities and institutions all over the world. One of the frustrations, I find, of fanthropological research is how spread out and out of contact we practitioners are, and this data base will serve to help us find one another and to help future fanthropologists to find the ideal space for themselves in the academy.
Your participation in this project would be greatly appreciated!
Please find below the cut forms for submitting information to 'GeekU'.  Please e-mail me rather than posting it in comments.
Hardcore Nerdity Book and Article Review Templates 
Submitted by:
Published by:
Summary/ Thesis:
What I liked:
What I disliked:
Thought-provoking Question that this text raised:
 Hardcore Nerdity Geek U Template
Submitted by:
Name of School & Location:
Name of Programme:
Resulting Degree:
Number of Years:
GRE required to apply?:
Applications due by:
Notable Affiliated Scholars:
Possible Scholarships or Work Placements?:
 Hardcore Nerdity Who's Who Template
Submitted by:
Affiliated Institution:
Programme & Degree:
What's your research interest?:
Do you have any publications? What are they?:
Who (if anyone) are you working with?:
Which texts do you return to over and over?:
Do you have a blog of awesomeness we can follow?:
Please also feel free to forward any CFP calls or Events to me as you feel would benefit from advertisement on the website, and any links to blogs, newsletters, or organizations that you feel I should include on the "Links" section.
I appreciate your help, and look forward to further discussion with everyone! I think this could greatly aid the fanthropological field, and I know that with everyone's help this database will come together!
Thank you.